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Resource-wise Jyväskylä

Resource wisdom -- reducing consumption of natural resources – promotes an area's vitality, companies' competitive ability and residents' well-being. Jyväskylä is enthusiastic about and committed to promoting resource wisdom in daily life. The city also supports the creation of new innovations. Jyväskylä acted as Sitra's pilot city in the Resource Wisdom project and practical trials. After project completion, resource wisdom became a natural part of the City of Jyväskylä's operating processes.

Resource wisdom is the sustainable use and conservation of resources through circular economy, material and energy efficiency, and corporate cooperation. It can help us increase well-being while reducing harmful effects on the environment and people. Resource wisdom highlights local action and regional use of resources, as well as participation of residents, associations and companies in activities.

Resource wisdom includes industrial symbioses. What does this mean? For resource-wise Jyväskylä, it means committing to a process of change in its own development model based on the principles of resource wisdom and sustainable development. Sustainable urban development, the optimisation of material flows, improved productivity, implementation of renewable energy sources, smart network solutions and consumers making choices that reduce resource consumption all support a new urban lifestyle to which Jyväskylä has committed in both its activities and projects.


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