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Number one location for specialty stores, events and living

The third wave of city centre development in Jyväskylä is currently under way in the form of the Jyväskylä centre 3.0 project. In Jyväskylä the immediate city centre is bustling and compact.

Boosting its appeal as the number one spot for specialty stores, events and living is part of the city’s development strategy.

Infill development of the principal city centre blocks, an increase in the number of attractive urban spaces and numerous events will strengthen the city centre’s vitality and promote a more communal urban culture.

Jyväskylä is Finland’s second busiest city for fairs and exhibitions, while in terms of congress and conference activity we rank fifth. Since the international congress and trade fair centre, Jyväskylä Paviljonki, is located right next to the city centre, visitors have no trouble at all finding their way into the centre with its multitude of services.

The project will be finished in 2018 with the publication of Jyväskylä’s city centre vision 2030 outlining the target state for the downtown area and development measures for the future. The city centre will never be fully finished; rather it will change and live in tune with the city’s residents.

Pirkko Flinkman
Project Manager
p. +358 50 568 78 46, pirkko.flinkman[at]

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